Feeling the Warmth with Winterlicious

Winterlicious is coming to Launceston again this year, and promises to be bigger, better, more delicious and ‘winterlicous’ this time round, says Cityprom’s Member Engagement Officer, Amanda McEvoy. ‘We’ve got a great program of events, promotions and competitions lined up which will entice Tasmanians into the city over the winter, and help them embrace the season, rug up and make it a special time of year.’ 

Image: Melanie Kate Photography for Cityprom.

Image: Melanie Kate Photography for Cityprom.

Winterlicious is an initiative of Cityprom, whose membership is made up of retailers, hospitality and service businesses within the city centre. Executive Officer Steve Henty says at the heart of the campaign, it’s about businesses collaborating with each other, and giving consumers the incentive to visit and enjoy the city during the cooler months.

‘Tasmanians don’t let winter stop them from getting out and about. We want to give them even more encouragement to wrap up warm, come out and enjoy what Launceston has to offer - great places to eat and drink, an excellent health and beauty sector, a boutique shopping scene and some exciting winter events. Last year’s Winterlicious campaign kick-started the brand for us and we’re ready to build on it with more great features on our website.’

Consumers will soon see warming winter specials, product launches and winter tastings and menus as they’re rolled out in the media and on Cityprom - Launceston Central City’s social media channels.

On 22nd June the town gets its glow on, with an event celebrating the Winter Solstice. The whole community is invited to light the streets with a warm red glow, as school students and performers gather to celebrate, and the city is lit with special effects. 

Winterlicious warms our tastebuds through the month of July, with an all-new Soupalicious competition.  Cafes and eateries will add their choice of soup to their menu. Consumers are invited to feel the warmth by sampling as many as they like, and voting for the winner on the Winterlicious website, to name Launceston’s favourite winter soup.

Image: Melanie Kate Photography for Cityprom.

Image: Melanie Kate Photography for Cityprom.

The mood gets hot, feisty and fiery on 24th August with a brand new winter festival – Beats, Brews & Barbecues - a celebration of all things barbecued, char-grilled and cooked over flame. Food stalls and drinks, music and entertainment will keep the mood convivial and the atmosphere aglow through the afternoon and evening.

The event is to be held in a new venue within the city, said Ms McEvoy. ‘It’s such a great space, and we’re excited to launch an inaugural event for Winterlicious there, so keep your eyes open for more details!’

Six Launceston businesses featured in stories on the Winterlicious website last winter, with several noticing an increase in foot traffic to their shop or premises as a result. More shops and businesses, as well as the city’s iconic precincts such as Old Brisbane Arcade, will feature this year. Look out for those stories on the website.

Winterlicious runs for three months during June, July and August.