Davies Collison Cave - Intellectual Property

Davies Collison Cave is the leading provider of intellectual property services throughout Tasmania. We are committed to helping Tasmanian businesses make the most of their IP.

- Trade marks
- Patents and designs
- Copyright
- Domain names
- Licensing and franchising
- Commercial agreements
- Plant Breeders’ Rights
- Litigation and dispute resolution

In association with the Department of State Growth, Davies Collison Cave provides intellectual property advice in-confidence and without obligation to prospective clients.  

The first consultation with one of our patent or trade mark attorneys is complimentary. To arrange an appointment please call us on 1800 636 588.

We can speak anytime, but will be on the ground in Tasmania on the following dates:

3 July 2018

Whether you are big or small, your business may have valuable un-tapped IP. Your trade mark, domain names, designs, processes, new products or innovations have the potential to give you a significant advantage over your competitors. The success of your business could turn on the strategic use of your IP.

Understanding the value of IP and integrating it into your commercial plan is smart business. Our Tasmania team is highly experienced and has a range of relevant expertise. We will help you understand how to use your IP to your commercial advantage.

We pride ourselves on getting to know your business and understanding its needs. This is how we deliver better service and develop an IP strategy that fits comfortably with your business plan.