Things to do in Launceston this Winter

‘WINTERLICIOUS - Things to do in Launceston Winter | a season for the senses’ coming back in 2019.

Winterlicious 2018 is over for another year but we can’t wait to bring back more great offers and events in 2019!

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Winterlicious. (noun) | \win-te-‘li-shɘs |  To step in to the embrace of the city, noticing the steam dance off a hot coffee, the cozy feeling of a merino scarf, hearing laughter from inside your favourite restaurant, the taste of crisp air in the morning after Bikram. Embracing the season in Launceston.



A Season for the Senses

There are so many things to do in Launceston this Winter. 


Winter is delicious in Launceston, but not just because of the incredible food made from local hospitality businesses, but because of things to do and see! Our advice for your best winter yet? Get outside, pull on a warm layer (or three) and enjoy the Tasmanian winter. Why? Because it’s warm in Central Launceston! Seeing friends and family and getting out and about can make all of the difference to your winter spirits, especially when warm hearty meals and mulled cider are involved.

Click here to view some events that you should definitely skip, hop and jump the puddles to get to this Season.

Things to do in Launceston Tasmania


Views of the morning frost confirming it’s the start of a new day! What will today bring? See the fog lift as the minutes of the morning tick on, to reveal a snippet of the sun on a classic Winters day. Exposing the beautiful views of the city, with so many things to do in Launceston.


Things to do in Launceston Winter Tasmania


Can you hear the crackling of a newly stocked wood fire in the background? The trickling of the rain on the roof and the distinct laughter of friends and family connecting - It's warm in Central Launceston. 


Things to do in Launceston Winter Tasmania


The aura of freshly cooked bread, coffee and croissants at the local coffee house making for a great start to the day, warming from the inside out.There are so many things to do in Launceston, but what to pick first? Perhaps on George Street in Launceston, where the iconic coffee strip for coffee lovers brings out good feelings.

Things to do in Launceston Tasmania Winter


Feed your Winter desires with deliciously warm food, whether it’s soup or a roast with crackling to make the finishing touches to a classic winter meal. Enjoy it with friends and family, because otherwise what’s the point? Finding a local wine or beer to pair perfectly is the next challenge, lucky that there is always a helping hand at many Launceston restaurants.

Things to do in Winter Launceston Tasmania



Wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee or tea are a favourite past time for many in the cooler months. There is no better feeling than being warmed up from the touch of something so simple, or maybe it’s not the touch at all because your hands are engulfed in a pair of deliciously warm woolen gloves! You can only get those electric warm vibes from the sense of touch.




About Winterlicious 


About Winterlicious, Launceston

Creating a vision for Launceston Winter

Winterlicious is about encouraging and sustaining activity within and around Central Launceston in the cooler months of the year. There are so many beautiful things about Winter; crisp air, evening lights, rugging-up, hot chocolate and puppies in colourful sweaters. Embrace the cooler months; there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong jacket! This is everyone's opportunity to create a vibrant Winter city, with so many things to do in Launceston.

Things to do in Launceston this Winter

Top ten reasons to connect to your winter senses this season.

1. Cool Winter fashion

Chunky accessories like knitted scarves, beanies, gloves, not to mention an excuse to get out your favourite winter coat, that looks great with your new boots! Rugging up is part of the fun.


2. Copious amounts of Coffee

Let’s be honest, real coffee junkies visit their local barista’s all year round, but it’s more of a frequent event in the cooler months. There is nothing better than holding a warm cup of caffeine to get you through the day and keep you warm.


3. You can grow a beard without judgement

If you’re lucky enough to be able to grow one, winter is the time where no one will dare to judge you for it! Well, most of the time anyway.


4. Comfort Food

The three P’s, pizza, popcorn and pasta are a regular occurance in the cooler weather because it’s just as good as a big hug, that’s why it’s called comfort food! Don’t feel like making it yourself? Winter might give you the opportunity to try that restaurant you having been dying to go to for months but just haven’t had time. Make the most of it.


5. Winter bloom

Winter also means the blooming of some beautiful flowers, such as the Winter Jasmine, Pansy, Viola and plenty of other types. Rain, hail and shine these little suckers are tough and can stand through most weather conditions. Pick yourself some in the Central Launceston!


6. Winter Events

Berlin, Paris, Denmark, these guys may experience some of the coldest weather but wow, they know how to throw a party! Too many people think that hibernating is the thing to do in winter, but why would you do that when there are Events to keep you entertained? (Cough cough, and mulled cider and wine are a thing)!


7. Fireplaces

A crackle and pop and you know that it’s winter, portraying the warmth of a good hug, a fire can not only brighten a room but lift the spirits of Winter blues. A good fireplace is the pinnacle of a good winter!


8. Winter sports

We all know that AFL is a favourite topic when it comes to winter sport, but other sport that appears more vividly in the cooler months is netball and soccer. There is something fun about rugging up as much as you can and watching teams battle it out for the win. If there is mud, then it’s a bonus!


9. More dramatic sunsets

In the Tasmanian winter, bright sunsets are more common because of the extra drizzle of rain that makes a presence. This is because of the clean air, and the height that the sun sets. Grab a blanket and perch yourself and some friends somewhere to view the beauty of the natural world.


10. Watching a good movie

Whether it’s at the cinemas or at the Princess Theatre, there is nothing better than being chilled out, relaxed and engrossed in a good film. A side of popcorn and red wine? Yes please!


Feed your winter Curiosity....


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